Do you really need a realistic sex doll?

Why do you want a sex doll? Dolls can be great to help someone get over nerves, if they are new to sex, or just out of a relationship, but you should keep in mind that TPE sex dolls are not actual females, and, unless you don’t plan on continuing your search for a mate, are a temporary thing. If you do find a girlfriend at some point, be prepared to put your realistic sex doll in storage, or sell her. I wouldn’t recommend keeping her on the sly and hiding her from your new girlfriend, because no one likes to be deceived, and it may hurt your relationship with a living girl.

Are you prepared to put the work into maintaining your real doll? While they are essentially “perfect”, it’s not a perfection that comes for free. Without going into detail, you have to consider that you will need to clean her after use, store her properly (no you can’t just shove her under the bed, she will get damaged if you do that), fix her hair, makeup, etc, replace lost eyelashes and finger/toe nails… the list goes on.

Are you prepared for the reaction
of your friends/family, if they find out about your doll? Especially in
very conservative households, having doll could be seen as ‘weird’ or

Before purchasing a silicone doll, you will need to do a lot of research as well. There are many companies out there who will rip you off, gambling on the fact that you may be too embarrassed to open a claim with your credit card company.